Cool It Down!

Today on the way home from work I was thinking I needed to get some photos of people dealing with the heat wave. Earlier in the day I went out for lunch near the Camden waterfront and ate outside. Of course I was in the shade. It really didn’t seem so bad until I saw that the temperature had risen to 100 degrees with a real feel of 120 degrees!
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Sundae Philadelphia Moves To Table 31

Sundae’s new summer home in Center City is at Table 31 at the Comcast Center on 17th & JFK





Hot Diggity! Bringing The Hot Dog Back

I had the pleasure of checking out Philadelphia’s newest and maybe only eatery for gourmet hot dogs.A coworker whose son is one of the founders asked me to stop by to check him out doing his boardwalk barker technique to draw customers in. I said I would and try out a dog as well. Hot Diggity was the dream of four high school friends, Keith Garabedian, Sean Kendall, Tom Zmijewski, and Matt Anderson. Continue reading