NYC Blizzard 2010 – Our Lady Of The Storm


NYC Blizzard 2010 – Our Lady Of The Storm
New York, NY – 2010

I decided to make a trip to NYC to shoot up all of the rolls of Kodachrome I had stored in my refrigerator so that I could get them to Dwayne’s Photo Lab by December 30th. This date is the last day they will accept the iconic, discontinued by Kodak, Kodachrome 64 color slide film. That 64 is ISO 64.

Dwayne’s is the only lab in the world that processes this film. This is not a film shot. This photo was taken with the D700. After shooting all but one roll of Kodachrome the weather was turning ugly and I needed the high ISO and quick feedback of digital to get some shots of people in the blizzard as I headed to Penn station to catch my train back to Philly before things got worse.

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