Albert Yee: Hands That Feed Us

Albert Yee

My friend and fellow photographer Albert Yee has exhibited new work at the Gravy Studio in Fishtown called, “Hands That Feed US: A peek Inside Our Foodshed. Albert also works for Fair Food at Reading Terminal here in Philadelphia. Albert is one of my favorite local photographers and he knows where to get the good eats! I love fresh figs and his stand at Reading Terminal usually carries them when they become available. He told me they were grown locally but would not divulge the name of the person or the location of the fig tree in the city. When I visited him at Gravy, a photo in his exhibition gave a piece of the puzzle away. It was a photo of Giovanni standing proudly next to his fig tree!

The 13 print installation shows glimpses of the people and animals from local small farms and food  producers. Albert said that there are enough photos exposing the corporate farm systems. We’ve all seen them and we are grossed out about and we become immune to to the horrific images and practices. Albert’s photos gives a an inside glimpse into what sustainable farming and humane treatment of animals. In fact one of my favorite photos is of a group of pigs being hosed down and one pig actually seems to smile as it is being sprayed with cooling water.

If you go be sure to ask questions about the photos. Albert will surely give you the back-story.  I’m sure you will have question about the photo of the two cows. I know I did!

Yee’s photography and passion for local fresh food come together in a blog that he and his wife Katey produces that is a guide to Philly restaurants called, Messy and Picky.”

Go check him out. He will be at Gravy Studio tonight from 6.30p – 8.30p and once more on July 27th.

Gravy Studio
2212 Sepviva St, Philadelphia, PA 19125-2518

Artist’s gallery hours: Wednesdays 6.30p – 8.30p for the month of July

Gravy Studio

Messy & Picky Philly Restaurant Guide

Albert Yee Photography


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