I Got The Hots For Ya!

Bhut Jolokia

The Bhut Jolokia! The hottest pepper in the world! It wasn’t easy raising these fiery peppers. I protected them from insects and birds as well as a heatwave and record rain, not to mention the affects of hurricane Irene. The first round of fruit yielded only two peppers. When things cooled a bit Continue reading

Albert Yee: Hands That Feed Us

Albert Yee

My friend and fellow photographer Albert Yee has exhibited new work at the Gravy Studio in Fishtown called, “Hands That Feed US: A peek Inside Our Foodshed. Albert also works for Fair Food at Reading Terminal here in Philadelphia. Albert is one of my favorite local photographers and he knows where to get the good eats! I love fresh figs and his stand at Reading Terminal usually carries them when they become available. He told me they were grown locally but would not divulge the name of the person or the location of the fig tree in the city. When I visited him at Gravy, a photo in his exhibition gave a piece of the puzzle away. It was a photo of Giovanni standing proudly next to his fig tree!

The 13 print installation shows glimpses of the people and animals from local small farms and food  producers. Albert said that there are enough photos exposing the corporate farm systems. Continue reading

Hot Diggity! Bringing The Hot Dog Back

I had the pleasure of checking out Philadelphia’s newest and maybe only eatery for gourmet hot dogs.A coworker whose son is one of the founders asked me to stop by to check him out doing his boardwalk barker technique to draw customers in. I said I would and try out a dog as well. Hot Diggity was the dream of four high school friends, Keith Garabedian, Sean Kendall, Tom Zmijewski, and Matt Anderson. Continue reading